Tips For Under-eye Concealer Use

Dark circles can make your face look tired and less youthful. To impart a fresh, bright look, under eye concealer applied appropriately can work wonders.

Under eye concealer for a bright look

Dark circles are commonly formed from lack of sleep, stress, or because of hereditary factors. The skin under the eyes is thinner than on other parts of the face and therefore makes the underlying blood capillaries more visible. Dark circles and fine lines can be hidden or diminished with makeup applications such as under eye concealer and foundation. With a few makeup product and applicator tips, even the most sleep-deprived person can have eyes that look bright and ready to tackle the day.

Under-eye Concealer Tips:

The following tips are appropriate for most skin types and tones. A consultation with a dermatologist or family doctor may be necessary for extreme under-eye discoloration.

Match your skin tone with a liquid, cream, or powder-type of under-eye concealer. Alternatively, use a yellow-based concealer to most efficiently cover dark circles.

Dab a tiny amount of eye cream with a fingertip underneath the lower eyelid. Dot the cream from the inner eye to the outer part to gently blend. Eye cream helps to plump the skin and diminish the look of the purplish coloration in preparation for concealer.

Dot the chosen concealer type on with a sponge tip applicator or your fingertip from the inner corner of the eye by the nose (which is the darkest portion) to the outer corner. Some concealers use a lipstick tube type in which the concealer is directly applied from a stick.

Let the concealer set on the skin for a few moments to allow it to warm to body temperature. This will make it easier to blend and provide more smooth coverage.

Use a facial makeup sponge or fingertip to gently dab the concealer over the skin under the eye. Using the third finger, more commonly known as the ring finger, may be best to provide very gentle application. Because the under eye skin is so thin and sensitive, it is important not to pull or rub it.

Don’t overdo concealer or it will show. You should also think about brow tattoos to define the eyes.

Apply foundation or a loose powder to set the under eye concealer.

The Best Concealers

Choosing the best concealer for you is not about the price. Mature skin has very different requirements than younger skin so choose accordingly. Tube style or powder concealers tend to be more drying and may “cake” in fine lines and wrinkles so a liquid may be a better option. Yellow tones of under eye concealer tend to work with most skin tones, but always check the manufacturer’s label to determine what best suits your needs. When in doubt, consult with an aesthetician.