Beard Maintenance Tips For Busy Guys

It doesn’t take much for your schedule to get busy. Finding more than a few minutes to take care of your beard can feel like an impossible task!

Your employer might not like seeing an unkempt beard when checking in for the day. That opinion could be shared by your significant other. If you keep these maintenance tips in mind, then you can get through your morning routine with relative ease.

Best Options for Beard Maintenance with Limited Time

1. Opt for a low-maintenance look.

Longer facial hair requires more time to manage. Keeping that face clean-shaven can take almost as long. That means a low-maintenance look that can save time involves having about a week’s worth of growth. Go for something that’s filled in more than a five o’clock shadow, but perhaps not as thick as full growth. Guys tend to be at their most attractive with this option.

2. Use a beard-care subscription.

Trying to shop for beard-related products when you have a busy schedule isnât going to happen. That’s why using a subscription service can help you to show off your preferred look. It would be best to select a delivery that includes a facial scrub, a daily moisturizing product, and a washing agent that won’t be harsh on your skin.

3. Donât take any shortcuts.

Taking care of the skin underneath your beard is as essential as taming the wild hairs that bush outward. You also need to take your time when managing your neckline, putting in a fade, or other tasks that require precision. Rushing these jobs can cause you to miss spots, cut yourself, or reduce symmetry.

4. Get into a healthy beard-care habit.

It takes less time to care for a healthy beard. That means the most critical maintenance tip for some guys is to eat better and get more sleep. When you have a high-stress lifestyle, then men produce less testosterone and that can impact more than your facial hair! You also need to get about 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day to support your health.

Once you implement these steps, then you are ready to start training your beard. Comb it in the direction you want it to grow each morning, and the follicles will eventually move that way. Even if you are a busy guy, these tips ensure that you can have a well-groomed appearance every day.

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