Is Dust Affecting The Quality Of Your Workout? Heres What You Should Do

When we set out to enjoy our daily workout routine, we have all sorts of goals that we would like to bring into existence. Some of those goals that we wish to manifest during our workout might include an incredibly strong pump, long-lasting explosive energy. A feeling of wellbeing. And when we finish working out we hope that we will feel as great as we did the time before if not better. These are all some of the things that we might aim to achieve from a workout.

There is one thing though that I am positively sure no one is looking to achieve during and from a workout. Feeling horrible, sick, short of breath even though we have rested, headaches, asthma. None of these are nice and its obvious that no one wants to feel like this after a workout. Sadly though, some of these horrible things do happen to some people. What could be the cause you might ask? Dust.

A study done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency revealed that dust can drastically reduce the quality of air inside a room. The study went on to say that indoor air pollutants can be as much as 2 to 5 times higher than the levels found in the air outside. This is super important due to the fact that we spend over 90% of our time indoors breathing in that air.

The combination of exercise and air pollution is worse than if you were not exercising. One reason that its worse is that when you exercise you usually inhale a lot more air and also breathe more deeply compared to how you would normally breathe. And because you are breathing more deeply, you are thereby breathing in much quicker than you normally would and end up in a way bypassing your nasal passage which would normally filter out some of the contaminants.

The best way to make sure that you avoid the side effects of working out with dust in your gym is obviously to always clean and dust your gym well. The problem is that dust is very quick to build up after cleaning, especially on the floor. The floor is going to be the biggest source of dust due to the fact that it is the biggest surface area in the room.

So keeping tabs on the floor and how dusty it is, is going to make the biggest impact. To save time, use a large Dredge flat microfiber dust mop to dust your floor before you start working out. These types of mops make dust mopping so quick. It takes only a few seconds to dust mop a small home gym floor. That little bit of time is so worth it in the long run when you think about how much the quality of your workout will increase.