How To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Day

We all know deep down that we need to work out. Yet most of the time we put that feeling in a box and shove it in the closet. Whether the motivation is weight loss, enhanced health and energy or increasing longevity, it is clear that exercise is a necessary part of our lives. In a large scale study, scientists assessed over half a million people including factors such as their health and exercise habits. What did they find? It’s time to be active.

There are several excuses people regularly give for not exercising. Common ones are being overly tired, not understanding how exactly to exercise, feeling as if they don’t have the time, and intimidated at the gym by the fit people.

If you don’t know how to exercise, there are many videos online that can teach you just about any kind of exercise you want to learn. If you learn better by being around others, find a local class and try it out. There are many in most every area to teach people how to exercise.

If your excuse is that you are intimidated by the fit people at the gym, you can invest in some exercise equipment for your home. That way all your focus can be on reaching your fitness goals instead of worrying what other people may be thinking about you. A good place to start in getting exercise equipment for your home is the best treadmills . This piece of equipment is easy to use and will give you a good workout.

The number one excuse people give for not exercising is the lack of time. In our active lives of activities, work, and family obligations, finding the time to work out an hour a day might look like an impossible effort to achieve. The good news is that you do not have to do this. A plan that is more realistic would be to build activity into your day through small easy additions.

Here is a sample day that incorporates an hour of moderate activity:

Morning – Jump rope, jog in place or do push ups and sit ups upon waking. – 10 minutes

While standing before the mirror and getting ready, do leg lifts and squats.

Upon arriving at work, allow an additional 5 minutes to walk the stairway or briskly walk around the parking lot. – 5 minutes

Lunch time- walk outdoor and skip the elevator taking the stairway – 15 minutes

After work walk the stairs or walk outside briskly before going to your own car – 10