Does Yacon Root Helps You Lose Weight?

Yacon is a healthy vegetable. For people who want to control their weight, it is a perfect food because it contains few calories. One hundred grams of roots has only 61 calories. In addition, yakon on seventy percent contains water.

The most valuable thing in root vegetables is inulin, a polysaccharide, which is quickly absorbed. It is an excellent natural substitute for sucrose. Inulin, which had not been assimilated by the body, goes into a state of dietary fiber, filling the gastrointestinal tract. It causes satiety and serves as a breeding ground for the development of beneficial bacteria.

So does yacon root helps you lose weight?

At the moment there is no clear answer to this question. Some doctors and scientists are promoting the usage of the yakon and yakon syrup.

However, there are skeptics who believe that the sweetener helps to reduce weight instead, but its assistance is not really effective. And if the loss of weight happens, it is highly unlikely to be stable, in contrast to a simple proper diet for weight loss.

The truth is that now all evidence that yakon stimulates weight loss are based on single clinical studies, as well as on the results of experiments on animals, which cannot always be fully extrapolated to humans.

Here is some clinical data suggesting that the slimming people applying yakon roots to their diet demonstrate the following positive results:

– a decrease of 42% in fasting insulin levels;

– a decrease of insulin resistance (by 67%), which is a cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other metabolic problems;

– a decrease by 29% of “bad” cholesterol level;

– a reduction of the mass index in a body;

– improvement of the gastrointestinal tract functions (the disappearance of constipation).

At the same time, skeptics of this product of weight loss and improving health, in general, suggest that if the sweetener provides some benefit, then this benefit is not as great as some people and doctors say.

Nonetheless there is a diet for weight loss with help of yakon. Here is it:

Yakon or drugs from it can be used both in the normal diet regime and in special diet regime. Almost any diet for weight loss may be combined with it. Due to the large amount of inulin in the tubers, it helps to:

– protect from frequent bouts of hunger;

– decrease triglycerides, cholesterol, and this, in conjunction with diet and high physical activity leads to more rapid burning of fats;

– accelerate energy metabolism occurring in cells.

Taking into account the individual characteristics of each human body, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before using it. Yakon is useful in diets for the fact it stimulates the process of maintaining skin elasticity and freshness.


According to the limited scientific data, this sweetener can help to get rid of excess weight. But now we cannot say with absolute certainty that this is so. However, any serious damage from the yakon roots also was not registered. So it can be recommended as a means of weight loss.