Why Women Like To Change Their Hair Styles?

Some women may try to deny this but when it comes to beauty and fashion, there is nothing more important than how their hair looks. There are tons of hair stylling options that women will go through during their lifetime. A trim there, a few curls dyed to perfection, a fabulous perm or minimalistic pixie look can re-create a womans style in ways that defy imagination. In fact, the average woman will change her hairstyle more than a 100 times in her lifetime between 13 to 65 years of age.

Why do they go through this so frequently? Most decisions based on hairstyles are the result of a change in a womans sense of identity. It might also be a reflective response to outside stimuli like the birth of a child, a way to deal with identity crisis, as a way to fit into a new environment or stand out completely.

Whatever the reason or the circumstances, the result in always a new look whether it is dramatic or simple. The following are some of the main reasons why women like to changer hair styles:

As an escape from a toxic experience

When a woman is going through a toxic relationship, her mind is not her own. When she finally decides to give that experience or person the boot it is often followed by a completely new perspective of life and of herself. One of the first things such women usually do is get a completely new hair style.

For most this is often the first step towards a new life since it is so apparent. If for instance they did not have a say in how they wanted to look or how they styled their hair in a toxic relationship, a new and dramatic style gives them that freedom and allows them to re-affirm their identity. In other words, a new hair style seems like an appropriate solution that can help them get back on their feet and accept themselves as complete with eccentricities.

To reduce the time spent on maintenance

Working women in general prefer short bobs or short hairstyles which they can take care of in minutes before they have to leave for work. If they are working mothers, few get the time to give their hair the attention it deserves. On average an elaborate hairstyle takes 25 to 30 minutes each day to maintain.

Its simple to understand. The shorter the hair the shorter the time they can spend on tending it and still look fabulous in the bargain. An edgier style also liberates some women who want to cut themselves off from societal norms and create a unique identity for themselves. The physical transformation a shorter hair style offers is often followed by a dramatic change in perspective.

These were just some of the reasons why women tend to change their hair style and most of them have to do with how they see themselves as individuals.