Wedding Videography Gear

If you are getting married soon you will have realized how many different things that you need to sort wedding videography gear out before the big day! It is like a full-time job. There are so many big decisions that need to be made including the venue, the food, the entertainment, the photographer and videographer and, of course, the dress!

This guide will give you some help with all of these so that you can get it all sorted, from the entertainment to wedding videography in Adelaide.

Let’s look at the venue first. While most people will want to go traditional more and more are opting for a different type of site. You ought to decide whether you want to get married in a church or on the beach. It also pays to look for venues that are suitable for both the wedding and the reception as this can save money. Some people opt for the marquee at home.

How about food? This is one of the most crucial decisions, you want everyone to have enough to eat and to love it, but there are loads of different options. Think about whether you want to sit down or just loads of finger food passed around. There are also other options like spit roast or even potluck weddings. Food can be costly so get all pricings per head before booking.

Entertainment is another big decision. While bands offer a more authentic and classy feeling, they can cost more, and their music may not be up to your high standard. A DJ will be cheaper and will be able to play a more diverse selection of music. Make sure you ask for an example of their music before booking.

Your wedding photos and videos are vital, look for a wedding photographer in Adelaide who brings years of experience to the job but doesn’t cost the earth. Make sure you look at their previous work before you book them. They need a good eye, and they should be technically skilled as well.

About wedding gowns and other bridal party gear, you want to find a firm that does both hiring and selling wedding gowns, men suits, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and page boy suits and who provide wedding accessories needs. It is up to you whether you choose to hire or buy, each has its benefits and drawbacks, but the reality is that it is up to each what they want.

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