Top 10 Beauty Hacks That Will Literally Revolutionize You

We all love to look good all the time the easiest way possible, or at least most of us do. From tying our ponytails, applying lip stick and mascara to highlighting our eye lashes; every womans dream is to learn the best beauty hacks that will help overcome beauty mistakes and reduce the time required to get ready. 

We explore 10 of the best beauty hacks every woman will love:

1. Making pony tail double

A double pony tail tie gives it a thicker look than just a single tie.Make a half split of your hair, first tie the upper part into a half-updo then the rest into a low pony tail. Tie both the low and up-do together to achieve a much fuller look.
2. Making eye shadow colors more highlighted

A great looking bold eye shadow loses its brightness if directly applied on the eye lid. White eyeliner or eye shadow used as a base before applying gives you a real pop.
3. Using a spoon to avoid mascara smudges

While applying mascara, marks of the same on the eyelids are inevitable to almost each one of us. A spoon comes in handy; just place the curve of the spoon below or above the line of the lash to prevent any residues of the mascara.
4. Wriggling the mascara brush

The secret to a long lash look is not fake eye lashes but rather proper application of mascara. Wriggling the brush on your eyelashes from right to left pushes those up making them look whole.
5. Using a brush to tame flyways

A brush works better than a comb when taming the non-cooperative fly ways. By hair spraying locks and using a clean tooth brush, you are sure to get a neat bun.
6. Making the inner corners of the eyes brighter

If a touch of white liner is applied at the corners of the eyes, make up becomes brighter and more highlighted.
7. Using tissue to make lipstick last

Instead of a lipstick that needs constant re-application to maintain a great look, a tissue when pressed over the lips after application of lipstick sets it in place. All that is needed is to tap some light powder on the tissue.
8. Applying baby powder on eyelashes

By using a cotton bud to apply baby powder at the top and bottom of the set of eye lashes, long lashes are accentuated. For a look of fuller lashes, recoating the eyes with mascara can be done. 
9. Concealing dark circles with red or orange lipstick

A brush is used to apply lipstick under the eye area, then a concealer on top and blended by use of a brush or fingers.
10. Using sellotape for perfect wringed eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner is drawn across the eyelids while sellotape is placed below the outside of the eyelashes and angled towards the temple. When done on both eyes, it gives a complete match and a classic look of beauty.
Well, with the incorporation of well tied pony tail, proper application of lipstick and mascara not forgetting highlighting eye shadow, beauty is no longer a hassle but a quick-to-achieve highly satisfactory task.

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