How To Put On Your Fake Lashes

Hello and today we will be learning how to apply your false lashes in a very easy tutorial. One thing that is true is that practice makes perfect. Practice putting them on, taking them off and putting them back on again,. etc. Don’t get scared by them. False eyelash is just a tool to beautiful and accessories your eyes. With a little practice, one can easiliy take total control.

To start, select the right pair of false lashes to fit the makeup look or outfit you are after. False lashes do not have to break your wallet. Find the the right pair of quality brand name cheap lashes, get them and read ardell lashes review at To
begin with curling you natural lash first then adding mascara if needed. To curl your lashes first grab your curling tool and with one hand pull up on your eyebrow and with the other hand hold the curling tool. Look straight and bring the curler to your lashes. Approach your root and when near the root go ahead and clamp down and make sure you do not catch any skin. Now slightly squeeze the curler. while clamping push the curler onto your eyes slightly, this will help not to pull off any of your natural lashes off. do not yank or tug on the curler.

After counting 5-6 seconds open up the curler and bring the curler out a tiny bit further and clamp down again. count for 5-6 seconds again and release, this helps create a c curl. If you clam only on the root only you will not create a bend to make a c curl.

Now get your mascara, if you have watery eyes or planning a day at the beach then go for a waterproof mascara. To apply lift up your lid and with the mascara start at the root of your lash and brush working your way up the lashes so you get them nice and black. If you happen to get mascara on your lid make sure to grab a q-tip dip it in water and clean the mascara off your lid.

The lashes: Using your tweezers take the lashes off the package. when applying the longer end goes on the outside of your eye. Next measure your lashes corner to corner on your eye and if they’re longer just cut them so they don’t look silly. Always trim off the outside of the lash and not the inside.

Then measure again. Everyone has different length and shaped eyes so make sure not to mess up this step. Now hold the lash with your fingers or tweezers in the middle and run a thin line of glue across the lash band. And a major trick is to let the glue get tacky.

If you apply when its wet it will slip and slide on and you will need to hold in place for ages and possibly make a mess.Holding the lash with the tweezers look forward in the mirror and place your lash to your lid. with your fingers place lashes in place gently holding the lash down on to your lid. check to see if the glue is stuck by gently lifting off one of your fingers holding down on the lash. After you completely let go of the lash and the glue is dry make sure to squeeze you natural and false lashes together so they merge as one.

To finish off the look you will need to apply a black liner. Lift up your eye look down at a mirror and run the liner the liner rim on the top of your eye. You can use a liquid liner if you’re not comfortable. This will help hide the band of the falsies lashes.

And there you have it! We hope this helps you with applying false lashes and remember practice makes perfect.