What To Look For When Buying Elliptical Exercise Equipment

Are you in the market for an elliptical exercise machine? If so there are many makes and models currently available in the market.Searching the internet will show up many in-depth reviews of the best ones on the market, just like the review video of the Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer illustated below:

There are so many of these types of review that it can get very confusing when you are trying to pick out the best choice and trying to avoid those that are not so good.

In this article we will cover three main areas you should look out for when choosing the best elliptical trainers.[http;//ets]

1. Price

As with most products, you get what you pay for. Elliptical trainer prices start at a few hundred dollars for a very basic machine then going upwards through several thousand dollars for commercial level machines. Elliptical exercise machines much less than one thousand dollars are unlikely to be of high enough quality to have long working lifetimes.

One example of this was reported as a four hundred dollar elliptical machine bought from a well-known department store that only lasted four months of continued use before it developed an unfixable loud squeaking noise. The warranty had been limited to 90 days. This basically illustrates the point that you should consider paying a little more up front to ensure higher manufacturing design and quality and finding one that has a longer warranty built-in to the price.

Buying elliptical exercise equipment signifies not only a financial investment, but also an intention to commit your personal time and effort over a continuous period into the future. You should ensure you do not waste that money or you time and perhaps be prepared to spend a little more up front.

2. Where will you buy it?

There are a myriad of places both online and offline that sell various models of elliptical trainers. Some are well established and have good reputations built on years of good service, others are more fly-by night but with cheaper prices. It is important that whoever you buy from should have a wide ranging and extensive warranty, together with a good unfettered returns policy.

Most high street fitness and sports stores should give satisfactory return policies and warranties, but internet based stores vary widely in this respect and you should look at well-known and established sites such as Amazon.com to make your online purchase.

3. Upper body arms bar

Unlike treadmills and static exercise bicycles which tend to workout mainly the lower body, elliptical machines can actually workout the upper body as well. This results in a total body workout which is much more efficient in its effort/return ratio. This applies when the elliptical trainer is fitted with upper body arms bars. Not all models offer this feature, so be careful to ensure the model you pick does have the facility, so that you can burn more calories and build strength into your upper body simultaneously with the rest of your workout.

There are two points to watch in respect of the upper body arm bar provision. Firstly not all manufacturers’ models can have them and secondly, on some cheaper machines they have been added as an afterthought and not included in the original design. This can mean the mainframe and bar link linkage arrangement has not been designed to properly counter the natural movement wobble that occurs during a full body workout. Try before you buy!

These three general points should help in your consideration of available elliptical machines. For further information on the best elliptical machines out there, I recommend visiting this website: http://bestellipticaltrainers.net.