Lingerie Delights Which Are Gift Temptations

With the increase in lingerie designers it is no surprise that one would find themselves endlessly
tempted by all the different choices in lingerie. Les Jupons De Tes and Absolutely Pm are not only
known as the Avant-Garde of the luxury lingerie in French glamour but also as being brands that offer a
selection of delights which are many gift temptations.

The Adriana collection is designed by les Jupons de Tess is a perfect combination of refinement and
sensuality that reflects the brand’s style. It is also quite flirty and delicate and it is accompanied by
adorable and sexy pearl strings which create beautiful and charming outfits. It is an incredible collection
that is arousing and has an irresistible power of seduction which is ideal particularly if you are indecisive
on whether to buy jewelry or lingerie.

Les Jupons de Tess also offers two beautiful collections; the Romy which has beautiful Leavers lace and
the Tango which has delicate plumetis. The best thing about these collections is not just the beauty but
also the affordability which makes them temptations to wear from spring to Indian summer.

Another collection from Les Jupons de Tess which is also branded as temptations is the Haute-Couture
which is affordable and is made to be more tempting and sexy. It is made with a second skin of lace,
chiffon and plumetis which makes it ever so tempting.

The Absolutely Pm brand has numerous lines which are easily considered as temptations. One of these
lines is Lily which is a line for the glamorous and sensual woman made with microfibre & widths of
stretch lace. The lingerie is made in shades of black that are revealed with an intense matte effect that is
opaque and translucent with a retro feel.

Scarlett is a line that represents the romantic and ethereal woman. This line is made with silk cotton,
small tie knots and variations of shapes that express the delicate harmony of a young, free-spirited
woman who is able to have fun with code of yesterday and today with lingerie that is ready to wear.

The Dita line is for the free-spirited woman who flaunts her free and sexy side who embraces her
sensuality whilst concealing and revealing through transparency and opacity. This lingerie is made from
microfibres and is embodied with Swiss muslin over an elastic tulle.Website to more reading.

Amy is a line that represents the woman with a very bold and provocative personality who can assert
her identity through a game of hide and seek with fabric and colour.

The lines from the Absolutely Pm brand are continuously changing with every collection and season
which means that the temptations are continuously changing which means women are constantly being
enticed with new tempting lingerie. In the coming fall, Absolutely Pm is introducing Julia and Natalie
which are labels that intend to capture the senses and awaken the sensuality of all women. The
creations from these lines will bring focus to the silhouette of every woman and make them desirable
and seductive.