Life Hacks For Feeling Amazing!

Taking care of ourselves can be difficult and time consuming. In-between work and fresh food shops our time has disappeared. Giving enough hours to get a little shut eye, until our daily and unhealthy routine begins again. As soon as we become parents our health care is exchanged for that of your childrenâs, are they: happy, sad, hungry, tired, dirty? There is never enough time to do everything, so we wanted to add a little of personal care back in your routine, as time efficient as possible. Whether you are a teenager, working parents or an average person, this is our guide for you. Making little habits with a huge pay off! In four easy steps.

Exercise, there I said it I feel like Iâve sworn in front of my grandmother, but hear me out. Getting into a sport, such as: martial arts, roller derby, football is a great way to let off some steam and starting a new hobby. Getting regular exercise is important to feel better physically, benefits such as: heightened energy, weight loss and muscle gain.

Started to move more doesnât have to be as drastic as a new sport, it can be as easy as: a walk, taking the stairs or a short exercise DVD. Regular exercise can also improve your mental health, a key benefit, being the increase of endorphins and sometime away for yourself.

Cooking more, Iâm not talking about spending hours every day in the kitchen, instead Iâm talking about food prep in bulk. Whether you want to start a new diet, or donât have much time during the week, food prepping for the week can be a huge time saver. You have healthy meals on hand, only needing heating up or transferring to a plate. This means you will have more to unwind during the week, getting good nutrition and generally less concern about fuelling your body.

Now the key to feeling great is not just about physical health, mental health problems are on the rise and something we are very aware of. This âlife hackâ is a combination of two things, keeping a journal and calendar. This is a common practice with mental health professionals, particularly in cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT for short, which is about âreactivating yourselfâ.

If you are feeling stressed, keep a diary for a week, write down everything you do and when. After that week, reflect on the diary, see what could be the perpetrator for your stress. Are you spending too much time: cleaning, on other people, not socialising? Write down small goals for yourself to begin the next week and try to achieve them. Itâs about eliminating bad patterns of behaviour and learning to enjoy your time more. A good practice is also to keep a journal, jotting down ideas and releasing any negative thoughts you have.

Feel free to share some of your own hacks! Some of tips do take a little effort, but well worth the time starting, if you are attempting any drastic life changes please contact a medical specialist.

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