How To Increase Muscle Size?

An enhanced muscle is every bodybuilders dream. They spent hours in gym and follow a strict diet plan. Without a good diet someone cant imagine a good looking muscular body. Todays post is all about the ways that can help you increase muscle size and how you can get a muscular body.


When we talk about muscle gain, diet plays an important role here. Your daily diet should be enriched with an increased amount of fats and proteins rich foods. Simply you have to get enough to grow enough. With every meal you eat, you can add protein and fat rich sources. Fish, meat, beef, eggs and bacon, all these are a great source of protein.

Eat in Intervals

Adding proteins to your diet is helpful but in what portion to take is also important. Instead of having three meals a day, divide your per day diet in small portions which include carbs, eggs, meat, salads and eat after every 3 hours, 5-6 meals a day. You can also take along banana shakes, especially as your first diet of the day i.e breakfast.

Do not extend your workout routine more than an hour.

Here what matters is the quality of workout rather than quantity. Do not try to push yourself more than 40 minutes to one hour in a gym. Rather you can combine cardio with weight lifting. 20 minutes for cardio and 40 minutes for your gym workouts, nothing can be better than this. Combined with your recommended diet, you will begin to see results soon and see your muscle size increasing.

Stay Dehydrated

Water is as important as your protein intake. It keeps your body hydrated and is required in order to build muscle at optimal rate. For individuals who love going gym, it is always good to have 5-7 liters of water every day. You can take a little in between and after the workout and always maintain a gap between the gym time and water intake time if the amount of water consumed is more.

Consume Healthy Fat

Fats contain all the necessary vitamins and vital nutrients thus they are beneficial for our muscle growth too. Fats are also important for proper distribution of vitamins A, D,E and K.


Besides your strict commitment to the diet and workout plans, you also have to take rest. When we workout, muscle break down takes place. To rebuild muscles, our body requires proper rest and sleep. If you dont spare some time to rest and help the muscle rebuild, youre going to actually harm or muscles and as a result, your muscle size may decrease. Hence, 7-8 hours of sleep is a good way to relax your muscles completely.

Also make sure you do not target a single muscle every day. Suppose youre targeting your biceps on Monday then do not do it the next day. Next day, you will have to target the other body muscles (such as chest, triceps etc.) in order to get the best maximum output and an increase in muscle size.

Besides, doing your workout and following the nutrition chart, you will also need to track your performance. Keeping a measuring tape with you and measuring muscle size twice a month is always recommend and is the best method to keep a record of your improvements.