How To Get Your Lover Say Yes To Beautiful Lingerie

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You have spent a good amount of time in looking for the most beautiful lingerie for you. Now, how exactly are you going to get your lover say yes to your beautiful lingerie? Here are some tips that you can try to please and surprise him with your fancy underwear.

Wear it underneath regular clothes
There is nothing hotter than stripping out of your office clothes only to find out that you are dressed in a beautiful lingerie inside. It turns them on and makes them need you the moment they saw how beautiful you are underneath your working clothes. Even if it’s not an office uniform, wearing lingerie beneath your summer dress can cast the same result.

Be playful
You should also learn how to be playful around your partner. If you wanted to wear your beautiful lingerie only on special occasions, then dress to have fun. You can have fun wearing nurseâs outfit, dressing up as a policewoman, or a bunny’s outfit. Set the mood and his arousal as well. Bring out the naughty side in you and enjoy yourselves in roleplaying.

Try new adventures
If you are tired of making love on the same white sheets of your bed, then it is about time that you try for new adventures. Why not start making love in the living room? On top of the table? In the office desk? In the kitchen floor? It will set the thrill and excitement between the two of you. Sex can never be boring. Try out new adventures and both of you will be soon looking forward to your next intimate meeting. Wearing lingerie with your exotic adventures can also help the both of you to further enjoy and keep the fire burning.

Do you want to arouse him? Seduce him? Then shake that booty up. Dance in front of him slowly. Take your time and paste a mischievous smile on your face. Keep in mind that you are wearing such beautiful lingerie and that you look so hot. You donât need to be an expert when it comes to dancing for him; you just have to have the guts and confidence to do it.

Strip in front of him
If you want him to appreciate your beautiful lingerie, then you should strip in front of him. It might help turning around seductively to let him understand the intricate details of your lingerie and slowly take it off without breaking eye contact. He will watch your every move, and he will soon notice the beauty of the lingerie that you are wearing. Soon enough, he will be asking you for a repeat performance.

Try the tips above, and you will surely hear your lover say yes to your beautiful lingerie. Soon enough, he will be looking forward to seeing you walking into the door with sexy lingerie underneath your bathrobe while rocking your heels in bed.