The French Lingerie Wardrobe Collection 101

If you look in your wardrobe the chances are you will have a few what are known as “safe outfits” that you will always go to if you are not comfortable with new looks. You can also create your own wardrobe 101 collection for your lingerie. There are so many types out there that at first this may seem like no mean feat, but if you start with the essentials and build on them you will soon build up an enviable collection. Having the right lingerie essentials can not only make you look better when you’re not wearing clothing but it can also improve the appearance of your clothes just like a good foundation before applying the rest of your make up. Think of the lingerie as building blocks to help you feel and look more confident dressed or undressed.

T shirt Bra

Although it’s great to dress up for special occasions the right lingerie should be a way of life rather than something you break out occasionally. The chances are you will mostly wear T shirts out of work and to make them look as good as possible it makes sense to have a T shirt bra in your collection. For the T shirt bra go for something that is plain and not fussy as you want it to accent your shape but not be the focus of your outfit with frills and bows that show through the neckline and possibly sleeveless tops.

Fitted strapless bra

There are lots of gorgeous strapless outfits out there spoiled by the fact that the women wearing them don’t have a well-fitting strapless bra. Choosing the right strapless bra can give you the support you need without damaging the look of the strapless outfit you have chosen. Choose one in a simple colour, itâs up to you whether or not you want to opt for a smooth or lacy ensemble but do ensure it’s not loud enough to show through your outfits. If the outfits you tend to wear are tight you are better opting for a smooth material and saving frills and lace for looser fitting outfits.

Sexy bra

Ok you have your staple bras now for a multitude of outfits but they may not be sexy enough for you to want to show them off in the bedroom. This is why you should invest in a bra that makes you feel and look sexy. The choice of material is dependent on your preference and what feels good against your skin. Keep it simple or go wild, pick whatever makes you feel at your best and break it out whenever the mood takes you.

Lounge wear

There are some days when you just want to lounge around the house, however thatâs no excuse for not paying attention to your lingerie. To feel great all the time it’s great to invest in loungewear that not only looks great but feels comfortable including a nice soft robe made from cotton or silk, silk pyjamas or chemise and even thigh high stockings so that even on your off days you feel sexy.

Go to thong

You don’t have to opt for a thong if they’re not for you but you should have a few go to bottoms to wear to suit your style of every day outfits. There are numerous styles of lingerie pants to choose from including boy shorts and bikini bottoms. Donât be afraid to experiment to find out which you will be most comfortable wearing.