Does Fenugreek Increase Low Testosterone?

Many supplements claim to raise testosterone levels, including fenugreek. Increments in testosterone, the most anabolic, or development initiating hormone in your body, would prompt to increases in incline muscle mass. Increases in testosterone additionally quick to increases in fertility and enhanced sexual wellbeing, and additionally stimulating your immune system. Shockingly, fenugreek does none of these things.


Fenugreek is Greek roughage and is regularly utilized as a part of cooking. It is at present delivered in largest quantity in India. Fenugreek is used as a part of the preparation of curry powders, pickles, and glues. The dried leaves have a strong odor and are very intense. Fenugreek is said to have various therapeutic properties, including relieving joint inflammation torment, treatment of diabetes and help with lactation. Just as of late have claims of increments in testosterone been progressed, and those alone by the manufacturer.


Testosterone is a steroidal hormone. This alludes just to its artificial construct, not to particular properties. Many mixes are steroidal in nature based simply upon their construct, however, don’t raise testosterone levels. Vitamin D3 is a steroidal compound, as is estrogen. Neither adds to increments in male fertility or improvements in the anabolic procedure. Some steroidal hormones increment your odds of lactating – paying little heed to gender. So because a compound might be steroidal in nature does not mean it builds testosterone levels.

Does fenugreek increase low testosterone?

Many individuals who are occupied with the likely impacts this herb may have on testosterone are keen on utilizing it to manufacture muscle mass. At one time, fenugreek was touted as a home-grown guide inside the bodybuilding community. If fenugreek somehow happened to gloat androgen-raising properties, its regularly safe nature would make it an exceptionally valuable and safe testosterone booster in contrast to the hazardous steroids that are frequently taken by those in training.

What you truly need to know in regards to fenugreek’s consequences for testosterone is that there are no reliable studies that arrangement with this point. Indeed, most of the buzz including the fenugreek and testosterone association was generated. Lamentably, besides this single review, there is little else in the method for legitimate research. Some episodic proof demonstrates potential impacts upon testosterone levels. However, home studies and personal results are not the same as unprejudiced associate reviewed research.

Various utilization exists in folklore and regular practice, yet studies don’t precisely support this. In spite of claims of usage for relieving torment from joint pain, no studies exist to support this practice. There is some proof to support the usage of fenugreek as a glucose disposal operator, which will have some use for diabetics.