The Different Mistakes People Make When Straightening Hair

Anyone who has watched Bridget Jones will fully understand the painful mistake of straightening hair using a hand iron. Irrespective of the desperation of your situation, the cardinal rule is to never iron your hair. Of course, this is not the only mistake that people make when straightening their hair; in fact, there are several more errors to be made and we are completely unaware we are making them. This article will provide some insight into these hair faux pas and avoid damaging our hair.

1. Prepare For Straightening During Washing

Water and electricity do not match, but this does not mean you can’t prepare for a tussle with the straightening iron beforehand. By providing hair with the correct moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, you will increase the moisture in the hair and prepare it for the styling to follow. This is why hair stylists always shampoo and condition before completing a haircut. It is also important to remember that the hair, particularly naturally curly hair, should be patted down when towel dried to support sleek strands and not a frizzy mane.

2. Using The Blow Dryer Incorrectly

The majority of people see a blow dryer as an item to dry hair and not much else; however, this item can be used as an instrument for styling hair, particularly to straighten hair. Unfortunately, while the dryer is beneficial it can also be disadvantageous causing damage to the hair – and we’re not just talking about the frizz factor.

Popular stylists have noted that hair should be at least 80% dry before styling and this can be obtained by “rough drying”, a technique involving moving the dryer back and forth without focusing on a particular area. Once rough dried, smooth blowing can commence by using the dryer with the hair nozzle facing downwards.

3. Using The Sectioning Technique

Irrespective of whether you choose to smooth your hair with a blow dryer or opt to use a straightening iron, the issue of sectioning hair should be considered. The sectioning technique is one that helps track the process of straightening moving from one side of the head to another. Ideally, sections are created by splitting the hair down the middle and straighten from the bottom one side at a time.

The reason one would use this technique, in addition to tracking progress, is to ensure that all areas are straightened without reapplying heat. For example, it makes no sense to take a large “chunk” of hair and hope the heat will straighten outside and inner strands. Reapplying heat can damage hair and is unnecessary if hair is straightened correctly the first time. While sectioning can be time-consuming, it does improve the straightening and styling, especially for individuals with thick hair.

4. Unnecessary Reapplication Of Heat

Sizzling is not a good thing. While people may feel that the sizzle of hair passing through a straightening iron is an indication of adequate straightening, this is not true. In fact, this is a sign that the hair is being burned and may be permanently damaged – at least until new hair grows through. If sizzling occurs you should consider whether it is an unnecessary reapplication of heat where the irons are touching each other; or is it possible that the hair is still slightly wet.

Straightening hair is tiresome and some people will choose to straighten their hair immediately after exiting the shower. This is not only damaging to your hair, but is a health hazard.